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Nancy Natale, As Sweet As Honey, 2011, Encaustic, board, dominoes on panel, 36x36 inches, Header of PROWAX JOURNAL 21 (with courtesy of Nancy Natale)

A Few Words in Introduction

The PROWAX JOURNAL was a quarterly magazine for Professional Artists working with Wax and Encaustic edited between September 2013 and October 2018. There was 21 Issues. Maritza Ruiz-Kim was the Editor-in-Chief from Issue 1 to 11, Nancy Natale and Joanne Mattera shared the editorial job of the Issue 12 and Joanne Mattera was Editor-in-Chief from Issue 13 to 21.
Even if I knew encaustic since 2007, my encaustic conscience was born on a day of September 2013 with the first Issue of PROWAX JOURNAL. The most part of my encaustic culture come from the reading of Joanne Mattera's book and my long hours of reading the PROWAX JOURNAL.
I started that project a few years ago trying to figure out a better way to navigate threw this monument of contemporary encaustic history, the only free online publication made by artists for artists. First I did for myself a complete Table of Contents on a Word format. Then in 2021, after the 14th International Encaustic Virtual Conference, I asked myself "Why don't I share that work on my blog?". Three years later, there it is ! It was an important work, more a documentalist's work, a resurgence from my past studies in Library and Information Sciences (a part of my story...). I really had fun to it.

How to use that Table of Contents:
Click on the title of the Issue and you can read the entire Issue
Click on the title of the Section and you have the Section only
For each Section I mention names of the artists for their works or their words. If the name appears several times in the Section I mention her/his name one time only.

Tell me if you find some mistakes on your name or are there some dysfunctions by using the Table of Contents.
Feel free to contact me ( if you want a PDF copy of this Table or anything else.

So, going back to PROWAX JOURNAL... are you ready ?

Vincent Delrue.

Quelques mots d'introduction:

Le PROWAX JOURNAL est une publication trimestrielle numérique américaine pour les artistes professionnels utilisant la cire et l'encaustique dans leur travail. Elle comprend 21 numéros qui furent publiés entre septembre 2013 et octobre 2018. Je présente ici sur mon blog une table des matières interactive complète de l'ensemble des numéros et différentes sections du journal ainsi que l'ensemble des artistes ayant contribué à sa conception. Cette publication, complètement gratuite et entièrement réalisée par des artistes professionnels, est incontournable dans l'histoire contemporaine de l'encaustique.
J'ai débuté ce projet en 2021 et le voilà terminé ! Un travail important, plutôt un travail de documentaliste, une résurgence de mes années d'études dans le domaine des Bibliothèques et des Sciences de l'Information (une partie de mon histoire...). J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à le faire.  
N'hésitez pas à me contacter ( si vous souhaitez une copie PDF de cette table des matières.
Bonne découverte ou relecture à tous !
Vincent Delrue. 



Issue 1, September 2013

Featured Article : The Artist’s Give and Take 

By Maritza Ruiz-Kim

In Five Words, Part One : Jane Guthridge

In Five Words, Part Two : Tracey Adams

Artist’s Community : An Artist’s Community

By Milisa Galazzi 

Krista Svalbonas, Debra Claffey, Jane Allen Nodine, Catherine Nash

Essential Questions : Essential Questions For ProWax Artists : Successful Mentoring

Jennie Frederick, Ruth Hiller, Krista Svalbonas

Issue 2, November 2013

Featured Article : The Weight : Dealing with the Issue of « Encaustic Art »

By Joanne Mattera

Howard Hersh, Ruth Hiller, Jennie Frederick, Milisa Galazzi, Cheryl McClure, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Elena De La Ville, Nancy Natale, Jane Guthridge, Jane Allen Nodine, Francesca Azzara, Joanne Mattera.

Artists and Community : Artists & Community 

By Milisa Galazzi (conversation with Krista Svalbonas)

In Five Words, Part One : Pamela Winegard

In Five Words, Part Two : Karen Nielsen-Fried

Featured Artworks : The Materiality Of The Work

Elise Wagner, Wayne Montecalvo, Tracey Adams, Christine Shannon Aaron, Bonny Leibowitz, Kenise Barnes

Essential Questions : Essential Questions For ProWax Artists : Critique

Pamela Blum, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Joanne Mattera, Cheryl McClure, Jane Guthridge, Jennie Frederick

Supplement : Toward Standards & Practices in Teaching Encaustic (from the 7th International Encaustic Conference, June 2, 2013)

Issue 3, January 2014

Featured Artworks : Wax and The Photographic Image

Elena De La Ville, Jeri Eisenberg, Wayne Montecalvo, Sarah Rehmer

Featured Article : Acquiring Skills To Support the Studio Practice : In this Issue, Photography

By Maritza Ruiz-Kim


David A. Clark, Elena De La Ville, Patricia Dusman, Karen Freedman, Sarah Rehmer, Patti Russotti, Krista Svalbonas.

In Five Words, Part One : Jane Nodine

In Five Words, Part Two : Winston Lee Mascarenhas

Artist and Community : Artist & Community 

By Milisa Gallazzi (Interview with Natalie Abrams, Video of her studio)

International Viewpoints : Encaustic in Mexico

By Raé Miller

Essential Questions : Essential Questions For ProWax Artists : The Business Of Artmaking

Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Cheryl McClure, Jane Nodine, David A. Clark, Joanne Mattera, Jeanne Frederick

Issue 4, March 2014

Featured Artworks : Structure

Toby Sisson, Ruth Hiller, Laura Tyler, Howard Hersh, Joanne Mattera, Tracey Adams, Nancy Natale, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Lynda Ray, Kate Miller

Featured Article : Studio Practice : The Nexus of Content and Medium

By Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Elise Wagner, Howard Hersh, Susanne Kilgore Arnold, Lynda Ray, Ruth Hiller, Krista Svalbonas, Paula Fava, Debra Claffey, Tracey Adams, Cheryl D. McClure, Kate Miller, Peggy Epner, Toby Sisson, Nancy Natale, Laura Moriarty, Laura Tyler, Joanne Mattera

International Viewpoints : Teaching The Art of Encaustic in The Netherlands : An Interview with Catherine Nash

Karina van Vught and Zijdelings Studio, Lia Flemings, Cherilyn Martin, Deborah Mathisen. Photos : Karina van Vught, Catherine Nash

Artists and Community : Artists & Community

By Milisa Galazzi (Interview with Laura Moriarty about her residency experiences)

Issue 5, May 2014

Featured Artworks : Naturally Occurring 

By Debra Claffey 

Debra Claffey, Charyl Weissbach, Jane Allen Nodine, Marilyn Banner, Susan Delgavis, Tracey Adams, Pamela Wallace, Christine Shannon Aaron, Catherine Nash, Susanne Arnold, Jane Goethel Guthridge, Jeri Eisenberg, Leslie Neumann

Featured Article : Studio Practice : Working in Series

By Krista Svalbonas 

Pam Farrell, David A. Clark, Milisa Galazzi, Heidi F Beal, Debra Claffey, Graceann Warn, Paula Roland, Howard Hersh, Cheryl D. McClure, Joanne Mattera, Karen Nielsen-Fried, Lisa Pressman, Tracey Adams, Marilyn Banner, Deborah Martin, Elise Wagner

OP ED : Sandbox Semantics

By Heidi F. Beal

In Five Words : Graceann Warn

Artists and Community : Artists & Community

By Milisa Gallazzi (Interview with Kim Bernard about her residency experiences)

International Viewpoints : An International View of Encaustic (this regular section will return in the next issue, July 2014)

Issue 6, July 2014

The Loop Of Abstraction : Amy Ellingson at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art 

By Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Wax At The Miami Art Fairs 

Text and photography by Joanne Mattera 

Marina Abramovic, Wolfgang Laib, Johannes Girardoni, Amy Ellingson, Francesco Sena, Richard Dupont, Catherine Jacobi, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Domenico Bianchi, Rana Rochat, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra

In Five Words : Nancy Ferro

Artist Communities : Jane Guthridge 

By Milisa Galazzi (Interview with Jane Guthridge about her residency at the Jentel Artist Residency Program in Wyoming)

Essential Questions : Expectations For Teaching Standards

By Jane Guthridge . 

Questions were asked by Joanne Mattera at the 8th International Encaustic Conference « Raising The Bar : Standards and Practices in Theaching Encaustic » with Milisa Galazzi, Sara Mast, Cherie Mittenthal and Toby Sisson 

Answers by Cheryl D. McClure, Nancy Natale, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Rae Miller, Joanne Mattera, Deborah Kapoor, David A. Clark, Cat Crotchett, Jennie Frederick

Issue 7, September 2014

Not The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

By Joanne Mattera

David A. Clark, Nancy Natale, Laura Moriarty, Marybeth Rothman, Pamela Winegard, Paula Roland, Elise Wagner, Jeff Schaller, Wayne Montecalvo, Mindy Nierenberg, Gregory Wright, Laura Tyler, Christine Aaron, Kate Miller, Graceann Warn, Joanne Mattera

The Pull Of Paper

By Deborah Winiarsky 

Lisa Zukowski, Dorothy Furlong-Gardner, Dorothy Cochran, Lisa Pressman, Peggy Epner, Gail Gregg, Elise Wagner, David A. Clark, Deborah Kapoor, Helen Dannely, Alexandre Masino, Paula Roland, Jeffrey Hirst, Pat Spainhour, Jennie Frederick, Milisa Galazzi, Shelley Gilchrist

Too Much, Too Soon

By Heidi F. Beal

In Five Words : Jeff Juhlin

Artist Communities : Ruth Hiller

By Milisa Galazzi (interview with Ruth Hiller about her residency at the Golden Foundation Residency Program)

International Viewpoints : Luxembourg, Ireland, Israel  (Is this section was originaly in the PWJ 2 ?)

By Elena De La Ville

Reiny Rizzi-Gruhlke, Lora Murphy, Myriam F. Levy. 

Essential Questions : Works On Paper

By Jane Guthridge 

Joanne Mattera, Howard Hersh, Shawna Moore, Elise Wagner, Jane Allen Nodine, Pamela W. Wallace, Jeff Juhlin, Dorothy Cochran, Cheryl McClure, Christine Aaron, Rebecca Crowell, Pat Spainhour, Paula Roland, Jeff Juhlin

In Memoriam : Gilda Snowden

By Joanne Mattera

Issue 8, January 2015

Guiding The Creative Process

By Nancy Natale

Linda Ray, Timothy McDowell 


By Deborah Winiarski

Binnie Birstein, Lynette Haggard, Gregory Wright, Pamela Blum, Lorrie Fredette, Pamela Wallace, Lorraine Glessner, Deborah Winiarski, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Kim Bernard, Carol Pelletier, Toby Sisson, Fanne Fernow

In Five Words : Tracy Spadafora

Essential Questions : Self-Critism In The Studio

By Jane Guthridge 

Graceann Warn, Nancy Natale, Cheryl D. McClure, Elise Wagner, Shawna Moore, Deborah Winiarski, Karen Nielsen-Fried, Tracey Adams

Artist Communities : Pamela Winegard

By Milisa Galazzi

Issue 9, May 2015

What Powers Abstract Painting ?

By Nancy Natale 

Cheryl McClure, Graceann Warn

On The Horizon

By Deborah Winiarsky 

Mark Lavatelli, Laura Moriarty, Cora Jane Glasser, Christy Diniz Liffmann, Francesca Azzara, Helen DeRamus, Cherie Mittenthal, Dawn Korman, Leslie Sobel, Judy Klich

In Five Words, Part One : Amy Weil

In Five Words, Part Two : Gwendolyn Plunkett

Essential Questions : Experimentation In The Studio

Edited by Jane Guthridge 

Christine Shannon Aaron, Carrie Piehl Goller, Pat Spainhour, Debra Claffey, Amy Weil, Jane Guthridge, Judy H. Klich, Cheryl McClure, Krista Svalbonas, Hylla Evans, Rae Miller, Joanne Mattera, Cat L Crotchett, Karen Nielsen-Fried, Lisa Pressman, Helen Dannely, Marilyn Banner, Nancy Natale, Laura Moriarty, Deborah Kapoor

Artist Communities : Louise Blyton

By Milisa Galazzi

Issue 10, August 2015

Professional Practices : The Big Picture

By Joanne Mattera  

Jane Allen Nodine, Carol Pelletier, Wendy Haas, Miles Conrad, Timothy McDowell, Fanne Fernow

Off The Grid…

By Deborah Winiarsky 

Dawna Bemis, Cat Crotchett, Joanne Mattera, Karen Freedman, Paul Rinaldi, Tremain Smith

In Five Words, Part One : Susan Lasch Krevitt

In Five Words, Part Two : Kathy Cantwell

Essential Questions : What Did You Learn In Art School ?

By Jane Guthridge 

Leslie Sobel, Patricia Dusman, Cat L Crotchett, Nancy Azara, Joanne Mattera, Kate Miller, Deborah Kapoor, Fanne Fernow, Kathy Cantwell, Jane Allen Nodine, Graceann Warn, Krista Svalbonas, Jane Guthridge, Jennie Frederick, Debra Claffey, Deborah Martin, Joan Stuart Ross, Carol Pelletier

Issue 11, November 2015

From The Editor

By Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Representing The Real And The Imagined

By Nancy Natale

Kevin Frank, Dan Addington

Art And Social Consciousness

By Deborah Winiarski

Corina S. Alvarezdelugo, Amber George, Nancy Natale, Gwendolyn Plunkett, Jeff Schaller

Editorial : Getting To There

By Joanne Mattera

Howard Hersh, Karen Freedman, Ruth Hiller

In Five Words, Part One : Jane Michalski

In Five Words, Part Two : Jeanne Heifetz

Essentials Questions : How Does The Use Of Encaustic Help To Express Your Ideas ?

By Jane Guthridge 

Elise Wagner, Joanne Mattera, Nancy Youdelman, Fanne Fernow, Amber George, Sarah Rehmer, Haley Nagy, Lorraine Glessner, Paula Roland, Dan Addington, Krista Svalbonas, Jeff Hirst, Timothy McDowell, Howard Hersh, Leslie Sobel

Artist Communities : Kate Neisser

By Milisa Galazzi

Issue 12, March 2016

Welcome To The 12th Issue Of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera and Nancy Natale

Curatorial Thinking

By Joanne Mattera

A Few Conversations About Color curated by Joanne Mattera : Nancy Natale, Joanne Freeman, Matthew Langley, Ruth Hiller, Julie Karabenick, Joanne Mattera. Photo : Joanne Mattera

Doppler Shift curated by Mary Birmingham : Mel Prest. Photo : Guido Winkler

Organic To Geometric : Investigations in Structure and Surface curated by Carol Pelletier : Dawna Bemis, Paul Rinaldi, Howard Hersh, Nancy Natale, Susan Lasch Krevitt. Photo : Michael Miller

Digging Deep

By Deborah Winiarski 

Patricia Aaron, Jeff Juhlin, Christine S. Aaron, Deborah Kapoor, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Sarah E. Rehmer, Lisa Pressman

In Five Words, Part One : Darla Bjork

In Five Words, Part Two : Cora Jane Glasser

Essentials Questions : How Do You Stay True To Your Vision ?

By Jane Guthridge

Kathy Cantwell, Dorothy Cochran, Cheryl D. McClure, Tracey Adams, Beverly Rippel, Krista Svalbonas, Debra Claffey, Mitchell Visoky, Patricia Dusman, Nancy Ferro, Elise Wagner

Artists Communities : Michele Wiji

By Milisa Galazzi 

Safety Equipment For Your Studio

By Patricia Dusman 

Introduction : Nancy Natale

Issue 13, August 2016

Header: Shelley Gilchrist, Liquid Sky-Race Point, date ?

Welcome To The 13th Issue Of ProWax Journal

From the Editors : Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Joanne Mattera 

Q & A with… Joan Stuart Ross

By Nancy Natale

Poetics Of The Found

By Deborah Winiarski 

Catherine Nash, Graceann Warn, Nancy Azara, Jeffrey Hirst, Lisa Zukowski, Miles Conrad, Sherrie Posternak, Lisa Barthelson, Nancy Youdelman, Cecile Chong

Navigating The Real Art World

By Joanne Mattera 

Dan Addington, Miles Conrad, Wendy Haas, Jeff Schaller

In Five Words : Amber George

By Debra Claffey

Essential Questions : Who’s Using Instagram ?

By Jane Guthridge 

Lisa Pressman, Tracey Adams, Howard Hersh, Beverly Rippel, Jeff Schaller, Kathy Cantwell, Krista Svalbonas, Jane Guthridge, Elise Wagner, Cari Hernandez, Susan Delgalvis

In Five Words : Celia Johnson

By Debra Claffey

Studio Visit

By Paula Fava 

David A. Clark, Marilyn Banner, Cheryl McClure, Beverly Rippel

Report From The Field : Conference Curatorial Exhibitions

By Deborah Winiarski 

On Your Mark curated by Patricia Dusman : Linda Cordner, Lorraine Glessner, Pat Spainhour, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Patricia Dusman. Photos : Patricia Dusman

Thinking Sideways : The Horizontal Line by Nancy Natale, hosted by Julie Heller East Gallery : Kathy Cantwell, Karen Hubacher, Jeff Juhlin, Carol Pelletier. Photos : Nancy Natale

Back Of The Panel

By Nancy Natale (Gerhard Richter)

Issue 14, October 2016

Header: Carol Pelletier, title ?, date ?

Welcome To The 14th Issue Of PWJ

By Joanne Mattera 

Shelley Gilchrist

Form And Iteration Across Mediums

By Shelley Gilchrist 

Christine Aaron, Jane Guthridge, Tracey Adams, Pamela Wallace, Ruth Hiller, Joanne Mattera, Corina Alvarezdelugo, Shelley Gilchrist

Q & A with… Alexandre Masino

By Nancy Natale 

Beauty And The Truth : The Art / Science Connection

By Deborah Winiarski 

Kay Hartung, Elise Wagner, Kim Bernard, Lorrie Fredette, Jeanne Heifetz, Tracy Spadafora, Laura Moriarty

In Five Words : Lynette Haggard 

By Debra Claffey

Essential Questions : How Do You Expand The Audience For Your Work ? 

By Jane Guthridge

Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Joanne Mattera, Tracey Adams, Anna Wagner-Ott, Elise Wagner, David A. Clark, Deborah Winiarski, Beverly Rippel

In Five Words : Janise Yntema

By Debra Claffey

Studio Visit, Kathy Cantwell : Maplewood, N.J. 

By Paula Fava

Open Call, Raising The Bar : An Online Critique Group And A Goal

By Kathy Cantwell 

Anna Wagner-Ott, Susan Paladino, Kathy Cantwell, Julie Snidle, Carole Peck Harrison, Melissa Morton Lackman, Elizabeth Harris, Robyn Child Cole, Gayle Oxford, Louise Noël, Arlene Sokolow, Steven Cabral

A Peek At Conference 11

By Joanne Mattera

Back Of The Panel (Judy Pfaff)

Issue 15, January 2017

Header: Lynda Ray, Double Fade, 2016

Welcome To The 15th Issue Of PWJ

By Joanne Mattera

Life Before Wax

By Joanne Mattera 

Lisa Pressman, Joan Stuart Ross, Paula Roland, Dan Addington, Deborah Kapoor, Howard Hersh, Lynette Haggard, Lynda Ray, Elise Wagner, Deborah Winiarski, Beverly Rippel, Jeff Schaller, Catherine Nash, Kay Hartung, Joanne Mattera, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Nancy Natale, Anna Wagner-Ott, Pat Spainhour, Jane Nodine, Helen De Ramus, Elena De La Ville, David A. Clark

In Five Words : Kim Henigman Bruce

By Debra Claffey

Q & A with… Lorrie Fredette

By Nancy Natale

Encaustic And The Photographic Image

By Deborah Winiarski 

Jill Skupin Burkholder, Elena De La Ville, Heidi F. Beal, Jeri Eisenberg, Fran Forman, Marybeth Rothman, Wayne Montecalvo, Susan Lasch Krevitt

Essential Questions : Do You Feel It Is Important To Be Part Of  A Community Of Artists ? 

By Jane Guthridge 

Dorothy Cochran, Anna Wagner-Ott, Rae Miller, Kathy Cantwell, David A. Clark, Joanne Mattera, Debra Claffey, Leslie Sobel, Jane Guthridge, Nancy Natale, Krista Svalbonas

In Five Words : Paul Rinaldi 

By Debra Claffey

Studio Visit, Maritza Ruiz-Kim : Martinez, California 

By Paula Fava

Open Call, End Of An Era : The Gallery At R&F Handmade Paints, 1995-2016 

By Pamela Blum 

Cynthia Winika, Rachel Friedberg, Nancy Azara, Timothy McDowell, Nancy Graves, Barbara Ellman, Pamela Blum, Laura Moriarty, Carol Bajen-Gahm

Back Of The Panel

By Nancy Natale (El Anatsui)

Issue 16, April 2017

Header: Debra Claffey, Edges and Meanders, 2017

Welcome to Issue 16 of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera

Steven J. Cabral

Q & A, Part 1 : Material Culture with Patricia Miranda

By Nancy Natale


By Deborah Winiarski 

Fanne Fernow, Ruth Hiller, Nancy Ferro, Binnie Birstein, Amy Ellingson, Lynda Ray, Deborah Kapoor, Corina S. Alvarezdelugo

Essential Questions : Artist Fatigue

By Jane Guthridge 

Brian Goslow, Shana Dumont Garr, Dan Addington, Wendy Hass, Joanne Mattera

In Five Words : Linda Cordner

By Debra Claffey 

Art/Community/Education : The Art of Teaching 

By Milisa Galazzi 

Toby Sisson, Sara Mast, David A. Clark, Lisa Pressman

In Five Words : Sandi Miot

By Debra Claffey


Editors’ Choice : What We’re Seeing, Liking , Doing

By Joanne Mattera 

Steven J. Cabral, Kim Henigman Bruce, Sean Paul Pluguez, Binnie Birstein, Miles Conrad

Studio Visit : Tracey Adams, Monterey, California

By Paula Fava

Books : Agnes Martin’s Awarenes of Perfection

By Pamela W. Wallace. Photo : Joanne Mattera

Open Call : Transition and Transformation

By Susan Delgalvis 

Susan Delgalvis, Jane Guthridge, Jeff Juhlin. Photos : Andre Delgalvis

Back of The Panel

By Nancy Natale (Joan Mitchell)

In The Header : Debra Claffey

Coming in Issue 17 

Rebecca Crowell

Issue 17, July 2017

Header: Jane Guthridge, Changing Light 3, 2017

Welcome to Issue 17 of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera

Paula Roland, Pat Spainhour, Christine Shannon Aaron. Photo : Debra Claffey

A Conversation About Cold Wax

By Joanne Mattera 

Rebecca Crowell, Carol Pelletier, Lora Murphy, Hylla Evans, Miles Conrad, Pedro Cuni

Essential Questions : How Do You Prepare for a Solo Show

By Jane Guthridge 

Amy Ellingson, Howard Hersh, Lynda Ray, Debra Claffey, Krista Svalbonas, Joanne Mattera, Leslie Neumann

Q & A, Part 2 : Artist-Run Culture with Patricia Miranda

By Nancy Natale

In Five Words : Sue Katz

By Debra Claffey

Art/Community/Education : The Teaching of Art

By Milisa Galazzi 

Jane Allen Nodine, Mitchell Visoky, Krista Svalbonas, Deborah Kapoor, Patricia Spainhour, Deborah Winiarski

In Five Words : Charyl Weissbach

By Debra Claffey

Special Section : The Exhibitions of Conference 11

By Deborah Winiarski 

Sense of Place juried by Patricia Miranda : Christine Shannon Aaron, Marilyn Banner, Binnie Birstein, Steven Cabral, Dorothy Cochran, Susan Delgalvis, Patricia Dusman, Julia Dzikiewicz, Shelley Gilchrist, Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Melissa Morton Lackman, Cindy Martin Lesperance, Laura Moriarty, Nancy Natale, Beverly Rippel, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Michelle Robinson, Lia Rothstein, Gay Schempp, Kelly Steinke, Marina Thompson, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Mitchell Visoky, Pamela W. Wallace, Nancy Whitcomb. Photos : Cherie Mittenthal. 

The Space Between Shadow and Light curated by Debra Claffey : Christine Shannon Aaron, Debra Claffey, Paula Roland, Toby Sisson, Pat Spainhour. Photos : Dora Ficher, Debra Claffey. 

Photosynthesis curated by Sherrie Posternak and Lia Rothstein : Fran Forman, Wayne Montecalvo, Sherrie Posternak, Lia Rothstein, Patti Russotti, Janise Yntema, Photos : Deborah Winiarski, Patti Russotti, Lia Rothstein. 

Cherie Mittenthal : New Works. Photos : Deborah Winiarski. 

Alternative Wax – Layers of Facts  juried by Francine d’Olimpio, 40 artists from around the globe : Christine Shannon Aaron, Binnie Birstein, Edith Rae Brown, Martha Chason-Sokol, Debra Claffey, Dorothy Cochran, Kathy Cotter, Angel Dean, Susan Delgalvis, Patricia Dusman, Julie Dzikiewicz, Dora Ficher, Milisa Galazzi, Jennifer Greely, Penny Gunderson, Ritch Hanna, Elizabeth Harris, Beth Johnston, Susan Lasch-Krevitt, Wayne Montecalvo, Nancy Natale, Louise Noel, Susan Paladino, Samantha Passaniti, Lisa Pressman, Jodi Reeb, Beverly Rippel, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Ruth Sack, Gay Schempp, Marina Thompson, Mitchell Visoky, Anna Wagner-Ott, Pamela W. Wallace, Deborah Winiarski, Nancy Whitcomb, Mira M. White, Dianna Woolley, Patricia Yanulis, Janise Yntema. Photos : Kobalt Gallery, Deborah Winiarski, Cherie Mittenthal.

Black Tie (optional), Adam Peck Gallery : Christine Shannon Aaron, Marie-Claude Allen, Corina Alvarezdelugo, Dawna Bemis, Binnie Birstein, Pamela Blum, Karen Bright, Kathy Cantwell, Martha Chason-Sokol, Debra Claffey, Dorothy Cochran, Linda Cordner, Kathy Cotter, Cat Crotchett, Helen Dannelly, Susan Delgalvis, Patricia Dusman, Fanne Fernow, Karen Frazer, Milisa Galazzi, Lorraine Glessner, Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi, Jennifer Greely, Kay Hartung, Jeff Hirst, Karen Hubacher, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Sara Mast, Joanne Mattera, Cheryl McClure, Cherie Mittenthal, Laura Moriarty, Nancy Natale, Louise Noel, Susan Paladino, Adam Peck, Sherrie Posternak, Lisa Pressman, Lynda Ray, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Paula Roland, Lia Rothstein, Julie Snidle, Patricia Spainhour, Marina Thompson, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Mitchell Visoky, Anna Wagner-Ott, Charyl Weissbach, Deborah Winiarski, Dianna Woolley, Lisa Zukowski. Photos : Corina S. Alvarezdelugo, Deborah Winiarski

Special Section : Depth Perception at Cape Cod Museum

By Joanne Mattera 

22 artworks by 19 artists : Lynda Ray, Wayne Montecalvo, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Cherie Mittenthal, Carol Pelletier, Jane Guthridge, Karen Freedman, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Sandi Miot, Laura Moriarty, Steven J. Cabral, Lisa Pressman, Joanne Mattera, Nancy Natale, Toby Sisson, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Lorraine Glessner, Pamela Blum, Janise Yntema. Photos : Joanne Mattera

Studio Visit : Howard Hersh, San Francisco

By Paula Fava

Back of The Panel

By Nancy Natale (Harmony Hammond)

In the Header : Jane Guthridge

Issue 18, October 2017

Header: Ruth Hiller, Superdrive, 2014

Welcome to Issue 18 of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera

Q & A with… Debra Ramsay

By Nancy Natale

In Five Words : Annette Kearney

By Debra Claffey 

Wax and The Color of Flesh

By Joanne Mattera 

Francisco Benitez, Lora Murphy, Fayum Portrait : unknown artist, Jeff Schaller, Dan Addington, Kevin Frank, Tony Scherman, Marybeth Rothman, Elena De La Ville, Christian Faur, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Robert Gober, Vanessa Beecroft, Rashid Johnson, Ugo Rondinone

Open Call : Pursuing an MFA at Midlife

By Winston Lee Mascarenhas

In Five Words : Binnie Birstein

Essential Questions : How Do You Pack and Ship Your Work for Temperatures Extremes ? 

By Jane Guthridge 

Jane Nodine, Matt Duffin, David A. Clark, Joanne Mattera, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Karen Hubacher, Leslie Neumann, Graceann Warn, Lorrie Fredette, Jane Guthridge, Elizabeth Harris, Patricia Dusman

Studio Visit : Joan Stuart Ross, Seattle and Nahcotta

By Paula Fava

Editor’s Choice : In Praise of Experience

By Joanne Mattera 

Nancy Youdelman, Nancy Azara, Karen Freedman, Shelley Gilchrist, Jeri Eisenberg, Patti Russotti, Darla Bjork, Lynette Haggard, Binnie Birstein, Nancy Natale, Toby Sisson, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Debra Ramsay

Report : Nancy Youdelman at the Fresno Art Museum

By Susan Lasch Krevitt

Photos : Michael Karibian

In The Header : Ruth Hiller

Back of the Panel

By Nancy Natale (Arshile Gorky)

Issue 19, January 2018

Header: Joanna Kidney, Forest, 2016

Welcome to Issue 19 of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera (Michelangelo)


By Deborah Winiarski 

Dan Addington, Kim Henigman Bruce, Gwendolyn Plunkett, Miles Conrad, Rachel Friedberg, Nancy Natale, Cecile Chong, Alexandre Masino, Tracy Spadafora, Patricia Dusman

Your Art Does Not Speak for Itself

By Milisa Galazzi 

Pat Spainhour, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Lorraine Glessner, Joanna Kidney, Joanne Mattera

Ephemeral Figures in Wax

By Susanne K. Arnold 

Medardo Rosso, Edwin Lyon, Clemente Susini, A.P. Pinson, Anna Morandi Manzolini, Marie Grosholz aka Madame Tussaud, Philippe Curtius, Edgar Degas, Lynda Benglis, Paul Thek, Susanne K. Arnold, Kiki Smith, John Isaac, Gavin Turk, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Urs Fischer, Robert Gober, La Huy, Helen Dannelly, Petah Coyne

Essential Questions : The Next Step in Your Career

By Jane Guthridge 

Dorothy Cochran, Paula Roland, Heid F. Beal, Laura Moriarty, Lorrie Fredette, Joanne Mattera, Debra Claffey, Dan Addington, Krista Svalbonas, Milisa Galazzi, Elizabeth Harris, Jeff Juhlin

In Five Words : Dianne Jean Erickson 

By Debra Claffey

Studio Visit : Shelley Gilchrist, Chicago area

By Shelley Gilchrist

In Five Words : Debra Claffey

In Residence : Report From the Yukon

By Leslie Sobel

Open Call : Copying versus Finding a Signature Style

By Anna Wagner-Ott

Repudiating « Encaustic Art » but Standing Up for Encaustic

By Nancy Natale 

Sharon Ligorner, Nancy Natale

In the Header : Joanna Kidney

Back of the Panel

By Nancy Natale (Ursula Von Rydingsvard)

Issue 20, April 2018

Header: Joanne Mattera, Silk Road 404, 2018 

Welcome to Issue 20 of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera

Q & A with… Binnie Birstein 

By Nancy Natale

In Five Words : Michael David

By Debra Claffey


Curated Feature by Deborah Winiarski

Sandi Miot, Lorraine Glessner, Jane Nodine, Lisa Zukowski, Deborah Winiarski, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Dawna Bemis, Cat Crotchett

Essential Questions : Who’s Afraid of Beauty ? 

By Jane Guthridge 

Deborah Kapoor, Jeri Eisenberg, Paula Roland, Joanne Mattera, Christine Shannon Aaron, Debra Claffey, Heidi F. Beal, Anna Wagner-Ott, Amy Weil, Deborah Martin, Lorraine Glessner

A Visit with Leslie Neumann

By Julie Garisto

In Five Words : Lia Rothstein

By Debra Claffey 

Some Recent Exhibitions by our ProWax Members

Catherine Nash, Howard Hersh, Steven J. Cabral, Lisa Pressman, Beverly Rippel, Joanna Kidney (Jasper Johns : New York Times article by Deborah Solomon)

Studio Visit : Debra Claffey, New Hampshire

By Paula Fava

In Residence : The Quest for My Ideal Art Residencies

By Heidi F. Beal 

Ruth Hiller, Pamela Winegard, Paula Roland, Leslie Sobel, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Kim Bernard

Open Call : What If ? 

By Lorrie Fredette

Editorial : Fresh-picked Grapes Don’t Yield Wine Overnight

By Joanne Mattera

In the Header : Joanne Mattera

Back of the Panel (Leonardo Drew)

Issue 21, October 2018

Header: Nancy Natale, As Sweet As Honey, 2011

Welcome to Issue 21 of ProWax Journal

By Joanne Mattera

Q&A with… Christine Shannon Aaron

By Nancy Natale

In Five Words : Ellen Koment 

By Debra Claffey

The Body in Wax : Visual Excerpts from « Like Life » at the Met

By Joanne Mattera 

Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Herbert Adams, Thomas Southwood Smith and Jacques Talrich, John Gibson, Malvina Cornell Hoffman, Edgar Degas, Yinka Shonibare, Angelo Pio, Yayoi Kusama, Pierre Imans, Kiki Smith, Jean-Leon Gerome, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Gober, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Alison Saar, Fontana Workshop, Maurizio Cattelan, Philippe Curtius

Essential Questions : Who’s Curating and Why ?

By Jane Guthridge 

Carol Pelletier, Jane Allen Nodine, Dorothy Cochran, Wendy Haas, Joanne Mattera, Sandi Miot, Susanne Kilgore Arnold, Nancy Natale, Debra Claffey, Jane Guthridge, Christine Shannon Aaron, Deborah Kapoor

Studio Visit : Jeff Schaller, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

By Paula Fava

Studio Visit : Dietland Vander Schaaf, Portland, Maine

By Paula Fava 

Photos : Anne Stuer, Jesika Theos

Studio Visit : Jodi Reeb, Minneapolis

By Paula Fava

Somebody’s Deciding Your Art Future, And It May Not Be You

By Joanne Mattera 

Leslie Sobel, Laura Moriarty, Joanne Mattera, Deborah Kapoor

Show Time ! Exhibitions During the 12th International Encaustic Conference 

Organic to Geometric : Investigations in Structure and Surface at Provincetown Art Association and Museum curated by Carol Pelletier : Jeffrey Hirst, Toby Sisson, Linda Cordner, Cherie Mittenthal, Lisa Pressman, Timothy McDowell, Laura Moriarty, Lynette Haggard, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Joanne Mattera, Christine Aaron, Miles Conrad, Debra Claffey, Ruth Hiller, Nancy Natale, Pamela Blum, Binnie Birstein, Shelley Gilchrist, Lorraine Glessner, Karen Hubacher, Milisa Galazzi, Karen Freedman, David A. Clark, Howard Hersh. Photos : Joanne Mattera, Karen Freedman. 

Constellations at Julie Heller Heast Gallery: Dorothy Cochran, Linda Ray. Photo : Linda Ray. 

Keep it 100 at On Center Gallery curated by Winston Lee Mascarenhas : Dorothy Cochran, Miles Conrad, Patricia Dusman, Leslie Giuliani, Kay Hartung, Howard Hersh, Deborah Kapoor, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Joanne Mattera, Cherie Mittenthal, Jodi Reeb, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Paula Roland, Lia Rothstein, Susan Stover, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Pamela Winegard, Janise Yntema. Photos : Joanne Mattera, Winston Lee Mascarenhas. 

The Blues at Adam Peck Gallery, Marian and Adam Peck. Photo : David Dunlap. The complete list of 46 artists: Susanne K. Arnold, Michael Billie, Pamela Blum, Karen Bright, Kathy Cantwell, Melissa Chapin, Martha Chason-Sokol, Dorothy Cochran, Joyce Coolidge, Linda Cordner, Kathleen Cosgrove, Cat Crotchett, Angel Dean, Patricia Dusman, Karen Frazer, Allison Fullerton, Elizabeth Garrett, Kay Hartung, Eliaichi Kimaro, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Joanne Mattera, Cherie Mittenthal, Louise Noel, Susan Paladino, Deborah Peeples, Susan Poirier, Sherrie Posternak, Lisa Pressman, Lynda Ray, Jodi Reeb, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Lia Rothstein, Patricia Russotti, Julie Snidle, Patricia Spainhour (with Paul Spainhour), Sarah Springer, Caryl St. Ama, Susan Stover, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Mitchell Visoky, Anna Wagner-Ott, Pamela W. Wallace, Charyl Weissbach, Dianna Woolley, Janise Yntema, Lisa Zukowski. Photos : courtesy of Adam Peck Gallery, Louise Noël, Corina Alvarezdelugo, Dorothy Cochran

Trans, the Conference Juried Show juried by Tim Doud. 22 artists:  Pamela Blum, Miles Conrad, Joyce Coolidge, Pam Cullen-Schneider, Patricia Dusman, Paula Cecilia Fava, Amy Finder, AJ Grossman, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Sandra Koberlein, Maryanne O’Brien, Deborah Peeples, Jodi Reeb, Kelly Austin-Rolo, Lia Rothstein, Bettina Egli Sennhauser, Pat Spainhour, Sarah Springer, Anne Strout, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Michiko Watanabe, and Janise Yntema. Photos : Cherie Mittenthal, AJ Grossman


Place Through Process at Gallery 10 : Cherie Mitthenthal, Stephanie Roberts-Camello. Photos : Stephanie Roberts-Camello

In Residence : Pat Spainhour at Evans Encaustic

By Pat Spainhour 

Photo : Paul Spainhour

In Five Words : Niamh O’Connor

By Debra Claffey

Remembering Binnie 

By Joanne Mattera

Binnie Birstein, Nancy Natale, David A. Clark, Lynette Haggard, Pamela W. Wallace, Cat Crotchett, Leslie Sobel, Cheryl D. McClure, Nancy Azara, Karen Hubacher, Jen Greely

In The Header : Nancy Natale

Back of the Panel (Helen Frankenthaler)


my first Issues of PWJ in 2013



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