jeudi 16 mars 2023

Meeting of Ursi Lysser


(photos with courtesy of Ursi Lysser)


I’m really honored to have Ursi Lysser on my blog, a wonderful artist from Switzerland working with wax and encaustic.
We met at the 15th International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown in June 2022 . It was a perfect moment for artists from over the world to knew each over and became friends ! Since that we staid in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

Ursi Lysser have a solo show opening on march 3. You can see her new works in Bettlach, Galerie im Adamhaus, Switzerland. If you are close to Switzerland run to it ! If you are not there's an excellent video on her Instagram ;-)

Hi Ursi,

So glad you accept my invitation on my blog ! I’m really intrigued by your work, things I never saw in art ! First of all, where are you living ?

I live in a small village called Aarwangen which is close to Bern, Switzerland leading to the beautiful area Emmental.

I know you are working with different materials and love to explore different ways in art with wax and encaustic. For this solo show what were your sources of inspiration, what kept your mind working ?

I was looking for something different, something which includes my previous work as a couture dressmaker. I always was drawn to the past with its various decades of fashion stiles. I also love bringing new  with old together and creating something special. Like the old dressmaker dummy which I build up with encaustic medium and Oilsticks, then gave her a new dress out of mulberry paper.


Do you have other projects for 2023 ?

For the first time I’m participating in an international art show in Stuttgart, Germany. You can imaging that my nights turn into day with preparations. I’m working best when I’m under time pressure so I think it will be a good exhibition.

Do you remember the first time in your life you discovered encaustic ?

I wanted something new and in an online Video I saw the work of the late Nancy Crawford. I immediately was drawn to the way she painted. Well the rest is history. I just love exploring and testing new ideas with this exciting ancient material.

An artist you love ?

I’m a big fan of Paul Klee and often visit his Museum in Bern

To be an artist in five words ? (a wink to ProWax Journal. In Five Words was a regular feature in PWJ)







And finaly some good place to visit in your town ?

Not in my town exactly, but Switzerland has so many beautiful places like the  Bern itself, the Valais area with it’s beautiful mountain or the Tessin. I say just come and visit yourself.

Viele danke Ursi !

 I wish you a lot of success for this solo show and your next exhibition in Stuttgart !

It was a new challenge for me, so glad you accepted this first interview on my blog.

I really appreciate your kindness.


To know more about Ursi visit her homepage:

Ursi's book about Encaustic : a must have for artists, German speaking only !

Me and Ursi in my studio in front of Incertitudes en Mouvement , July 2023

I hope you enjoy that interview,

Be inspired and creative! 







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